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Coffee chocolate caramel ice cream - discussing how best to add chocolate chips or chunks to your ice cream without breaking your teeth upon eating! Ice cream inclusion science | foodcrumbles.com

Ice Cream Science

Welcome to our ice cream science course, which is, as you probably guessed: all about the science of ice cream! Please note, this course is currently in beta launch. In other words, it is not completely finished(so far...

Course: Food Microbiology Basics

Ever wondered what micro organisms have to do with yogurt? Wondered whether all micro organisms in food make you sick? Whether Salmonella continues to grow in the fridge? Wondering what micro organisms really are and...

Course: Food Chemistry Basics

Food is full of chemistry. Ingredients react with each other, forming new structures, flavours and colours. The colour of a tomato, the flavour of vanilla extract and the structure of bread all involve chemistry. This...