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Working with us

We love working with others who have a passion for food and science. Since we’re getting a lot of requests, please read through some of the initial guidelines below. If in doubt, please reach out!

We love:

Questions and Inspiring interviews

We love nothing more than hearing from cooks, bloggers, chefs, and food producers. Always feel to ask us a question!

If you’re a food industry professional and would like to be interviewed/part of a story, let us know. We love connecting with experts in the food science world who can teach us something new. You can find a few examples on the website, such as our interview with Helen Mitchell and with the inventor of the LoafNest.

Learning about products (includes books)

If you have a product that could be beneficial for our readers or if you have an interesting story to tell (how your product was developed, how it’s unique, etc.), then we’d be happy to talk to you and see if we can collaborate. Depending on the product we’re not necessarily looking for paid opportunities. Our main goal is to teach our readers something new (and learn something ourselves)!

We love reading books. Whether it’s a unique cookbook or a good book about science & food, let us know!

Learning from (small) food manufacturers

If you’re a small-scale manufacturer, we would like to work with you. We love to give our readers a look inside a food production facility, to understand how food is made. Of course, we’re not interested in your trade secrets and recipes, but would love to share how your food is made. If could be part of an article such as this one on making oat milk. Please feel free to reach out!

Guest posts

Interested to write a guest post for the blog? We do not offer paid opportunities at this point, but have collaborated with several guest posters previously (e.g. Nathan Silva and Michael). A few of our main criteria for accepting guest posts are:

  • Original content, written for this website
  • Author’s passion and enthusiasm for the topic!
  • We love getting posts from food science students, former or current, though that’s not a requirement for sure!
  • Content should fit with the website and be related to food science. We cover any topic in the food production chain from farming to ingredients, processing, and cooking. For instance, on beer, we’ve written about the science of fermentation, beer brewing at home, and the foam on beer.
  • We look for interesting, new, articles that have been researched well, with reliable sources. Please have a look around on the website before proposing a topic, too often people have proposed a topic that we’ve already written about extensively :-).
  • Guest posts should not be promotional. Their main objective should be educational, combined with some entertainment of course.
  • We are not interested in ‘health’ advice or nutrition focused articles. Nor are we interested in articles that provide ‘X ways to improve your life’ or ‘X ways to use a lemon’. We prefer depth.

Let’s talk about how you can contribute.

We are not interested in:

Link exchanges

Link exchanges for the sake of sharing out links for SEO juices are not our cup of tea. If you believe you have a valuable resource that we should use for our research, let us know. If all you’re looking for is a link back to your website I’m afraid that’s not something we do.

If you have a website that is built for being an Amazon affiliate, please don’t reach out for a link exchange :-).

Promotions only

If you would like to promote your product, without sharing information about it (e.g. how it’s made, some interesting facts behind it), we’re not interested. We love learning and teaching so that component has to be there!

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