The Science of Making Vanilla Extract

Vanilla beans contain a mix of molecules that make up the distinct vanilla flavor!

When making vanilla extract you extract those flavor molecules into your chosen  liquid

Making vanilla extract is simple! It takes just 3 steps


Choose a liquid into which these molecules want to sit


Alcoholic spirits are a good choice, vanilla flavors 'like' to sit in alcohol (more than they do in water)

A lot of flavor molecules in vanilla are hydrophobic, they don't like sitting in water, and prefer to sit in alcohol!

Vanillin, one of most important flavor molecules in vanilla

Cut open vanilla beans, and scrape out the seeds



The shorter the distance the molecules have to travel into the liquid, the faster the extraction

Place vanilla beans & seeds in your liquid. And wait...


Making vanilla extract can take months, molecules need the time to move

While you're waiting (a few months)...

Ever wondered how the flavor in a vanilla extract is different from that of artificial vanillin?

Enjoy your vanilla extract and newly acquired knowledge.

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