IKEA FANTAST thermometer

The “Best” (Candy) Thermometer

Thinking of buying a proper candy thermometer for your candy (science) experiments? If I may give you just one tip, don’t buy a ‘real’ candy thermometer. Instead, just buy the FANTAST thermometer from IKEA!

No, this is not a sponsored post, nor an article with affiliate links. It’s just a little tip for my fellow candy makers out there, or really, anyone who’s looking for a good thermometer in your kitchen.

Not so great experience with candy thermometers

Over the years I’ve owned several ‘proper’, ‘real’ candy thermometers. Because for making candy, you really need a thermometer. The ones with the fancy clip-on system and indicators for the different candy cooking stages.

However, they were always in the way. The clip-on system made it hard to stir along all the sides. Also, you had to watch the thermometer like a hawk since the analog thermometer wouldn’t give an alarm. Moreover, these candy thermometers were expensive.

IKEA FANTAST thermometer

Why the FANTAST thermometer?

After breaking yet another real candy thermometer, I happened upon the FANTAST thermometer from IKEA. They only sell one kitchen thermometer, so the choice was pretty simple 😉. And FANTAST and I haven’t parted ways since. As a matter of fact, I now own two.


Why two? Because well, sometimes you might need to make candy, while roasting meat. And that’s another great advantage of this thermometer, it’s very versatile. Yes, it works for candy. But yes, it also works for just about anything else in your kitchen that needs temperature measurements.

Alarm option

The other major advantage for someone who is prone to multi-tasking (even when they shouldn’t): the alarm function. You can set an alarm for when the thermometer reaches a specific temperature and it will continue beeping until the temperature again sinks below the set point.

It’s best to set the alarm temperature a few degrees below your target candy cooking temperature. This way, you have enough time to get back and do your thing before it overshoots.

The alarm is probably one of my favorite functions.

Participants in Masterchef Australia use this thermometer as well by the way! Turns out, it really is very versatile and sturdy.

The flexibility

The thermometer is made up of two components. One is the unit the shows the temperature and on which you can set the alarm. The other part is the probe, which is attached to the center piece through quite a long flexible wire. This makes it easy to move the probe itself around, while still have a good view of the screen.

It does not have a clip. But, like I said, I like that. I found that the clip-ons are always in the way. However, you can easily move this probe around, whether it’s to stir a certain spot, or to easily pour out the contents. As a matter of fact, I’ve often used it as a stirrer itself. It’s not great at stirring, nor is it made for it, but in many cases it does the job just fine.

A magnet!

The screen part has a magnet attached to its back. So, you can pin it to a fridge, or any steel surface. This especially is very convenient if you don’t have a lot of counter space available. That should seal the deal, shouldn’t it?

Anyhow, that’s my favorite thermometer. What’s yours?

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