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The science of vegetables (and for that matter fruits), is more extensive than you might think. What about?:

  • The chemistry of its colours
  • The unique texture
  • The bitterness of a product like Brussel sprouts
  • The spiciness of peppers
  • The role of zucchini in a cake (in a chocolate cake to be precise)
  • Why it can be hard to soften an eggplant
  • How smart packaging can extend the shelf life of vegetables without any added ingredients
  • The fact that vegetables respire, even after harvest
  • Or the popping of popcorn (did you know not everyone corn can pop?)

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freshly popped popcorn

Why does popcorn pop? – Exploring the science of popcorn

Updated: 16-Feb-2017 Just the other day, when making stovetop popcorn at home, I was listening to the popping sounds of kernels transforming into fluffy popcorn. It got me thinking: why does popcorn pop? How do these...

Enzymes in food – The basics & Pesto

Food is a place full of chemistry. Chemical reactions take place all the time. Sometimes it’s a good thing (think of browning of bread), but sometimes it isn’t so much. Fresh made pesto for instance tends to...

grilling green paprika

Grilling vegetables – why & how

This month is fruit & vegetable science month on my blog! All posts are somehow related to fruits and vegetables. We’re discovering the amazing science involved when cooking or baking with them! This is the...

growing an avocado

Growing avocados – Using an Avoseedo

Besides cooking and baking food, I also enjoy growing or (it, better said: attempting to grow my food). I’m certainly not a great gardener (yet?) but it gives me a lot of new opportunities for doing experiments...