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The science of vegetables (and for that matter fruits), is more extensive than you might think. What about?:

  • The chemistry of its colours
  • The unique texture
  • The bitterness of a product like Brussel sprouts
  • The spiciness of peppers
  • The role of zucchini in a cake (in a chocolate cake to be precise)
  • Why it can be hard to soften an eggplant
  • How smart packaging can extend the shelf life of vegetables without any added ingredients
  • The fact that vegetables respire, even after harvest
  • Or the popping of popcorn (did you know not everyone corn can pop?)

Or continue reading for a lot of other interesting topics.

Various peppers, fresh, dried and powdered, plenty of capsaicin on this photo

Spicy Science – On Capsaicin and Peppers

Ever experienced happily taking a bite from a dish or a newly developed product only to discover your mouth is on fire? That the dish is just a tinge spicier than you expected, even though you’ve prepared it the...

chocolate zucchini courgette cake with frosting

Why zucchini makes a moist chocolate cake

We are facing a zucchini overload. Our two courgette plants have been giving us a new courgette at least twice a week. As a result, we’ve been eating a lot of courgette. So much so that we just didn’t feel...

purple carrot cake with icing

Purple carrot cake – Baking with purple carrots

Carrots are orange, aren’t they? No, not necessarily! Purple and yellow carrots are a relatively new variation of carrots in our supermarket (at least in my perception, until I found out it’s actually the...

Yellow vs red tomatoes – Colour science

Fruits and vegetables are probably the most colourful foods on our table. Meats and fish are all pretty similar (white/reddish), carbs are often yellow/brown/white, but fruits and vegetables can be so many different...

close up of red tasty tom tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes – Greenhouse efficiency

Knowing where my food comes from and how it’s made, is something that makes me understand my food even better. It’s where the science of our foods start and has a lot of influence on how they taste, react...