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There are so many vegetables in this world, many more then we’ve ever eaten, let alone studied. All have their own flavors, textures, uses, and growing areas. Nevertheless, most of us tend to eat only a small group of fruits and vegetables on a more regular basis. Studying and trying all those others though it is important. They might just give you a new taste or texture, or be very suitable to wherever it is you live.

The science of vegetables (and for that matter fruits), is more extensive than you might think. What about?:

  • The chemistry of its colours
  • The unique texture
  • The bitterness of a product like Brussel sprouts
  • The spiciness of peppers
  • The role of zucchini in a cake (in a chocolate cake to be precise)
  • Why it can be hard to soften an eggplant
  • How smart packaging can extend the shelf life of vegetables without any added ingredients
  • The fact that vegetables respire, even after harvest
  • Or the popping of popcorn (did you know not everyone corn can pop?)

We explore these topics separately, but also study vegetables as a whole, trying to paint a picture of all its possibilities!

salad leaves

How Lettuce is Grown Without Soil

We humans have been growing food for thousands of years, using the soil around us. Soil supplies plants with water and all the nutrients they need to grow and thrive. Combined with the power of the sun and rain, the...

sliced avocado

The Science of Growing, Storing & Ripening Avocados

Are you one of those people who squeeze every single avocado in a store before deciding on one to buy? Or do you buy them unripe and leave them to ripen at home? Or do you eat them fresh from the tree? I sure hope...

pickled and fresh cucumbers

How to Make Pickled Cucumbers (+ Recipe)

One of my favorite ‘on-the-side’ vegetables are cucumbers, pickled or fresh. They fit well in salads, as a side to pasta or rice dishes or just as an afternoon snack. They’re very versatile. And even...

bunch of red onions

The Flavour Science of an Onion

The other day we made an onion tart that was so incredibly sweet, it was hard to believe the topping was made of just about nothing but onions. It tasted nothing like raw pungent onion and definitely reminded me that...