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What is Dutch liquorice (drop)?

In the past decade or so I have lived abroad in several countries. One of the aspects of living abroad is sharing (or telling about) the food from where you’re from. The Dutch stroopwafels (syrup waffles) so far...

jaggery, panela, evaporated cane sugar

How Jaggery (Evaporated Cane Sugar) Is Made

Humans have been sweetening their foods for thousands of years. Whether it’s through honey, natural sugar syrups such as maple syrup, or by using sugar beet or cane sugar, it’s all done to sweeten our dishes...

zucchini courgette cookies with half of them iced with icing sugar icing

The Science of Cookie Decoration – a Guide to Icing Cookies

Every Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day or any other big holiday decorated cookies will start popping up all over the internet. Decorated pumpkins, heart, eggs and trees with beautiful colours. Here at...