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LoafNest - dough ready to bake

LoafNest: How a new way to bake bread was developed

Have you ever dreamed of developing your own kitchen tools to sell to others? Slightly overwhelmed by the long journey from idea, to prototype, to fundraising and actual manufacturing? We got to speak to the developers...

Hydrox (left) vs. Oreo (right)

Hydrox vs. Oreo cookies

When entering the cookie isle in most large American supermarkets you will probably run into this large blue section, full of similar packages. Full of Oreo cookies. It’s one of the biggest cookie brands in the US...

pineapple spheres

Molecular Gastronomy – Spherification

On my blog I write about food science a lot, discussing chemistry, physics and microbiology and applying all of that to the food I make in our kitchen. Just today I realized I haven’t really used the term...