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Pie crustsPie fillingsLet’s discuss (the science of) pies. Whether they’re sweet or savoury, crunchy or soft, pies can be made in loads of different ways. There are tons of recipes for crusts and fillings on this world.

Scroll down the posts to learn all about pies and the science of pies. Interest in just pie fillings or pie crusts? Head over to those sections.

apple pie (flat) ready to go in the oven

How to Make Authentic Dutch Apple Pie (With a Buttery Crust)

An apple pie is one those basic pies that you’ll find at a lot of celebrations in the Netherlands. Eaten with a good dollop of whipped cream it’s a crowd pleaser. Real estate agents would recommend to bake...

strawberry raspberry creme patissier pie

How to Choose and Store Fresh Strawberries

Summer’s there! Warm temperatures, sun and long long light days. Living in the Netherlands, summer is no guarantee for nice weather, rain and cold(er) days are no exception. Summer for me is a synonym for berries...

Pie Cookie Crust – The Basics

Making a shortcrust pastry pie crust can be quite a bit of work. You need to knead together the butter and flour, add your other wet ingredients, leave it to cool, etc. But luckily, we humans have found an even easier...