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Pie crustsPie fillingsLet’s discuss (the science of) pies. Whether they’re sweet or savoury, crunchy or soft, pies can be made in loads of different ways. There are tons of recipes for crusts and fillings on this world.

Scroll down the posts to learn all about pies and the science of pies. Interest in just pie fillings or pie crusts? Head over to those sections.

hot water crust pastry hand shaped

Hot water crust pastry

If there’s one completely new thing I learned from the show Great British Bake Off, it’s hot water crust pastry. I had never heard of the term before watching the show. Although, looking back, I did have...

slice of instant pot cheesecake with some raspberries (2)

Super smooth Instant Pot cheesecake

When cooking or baking, food scientists (that’s me!) like to disseminate their food and all what’s going on. So when you’re baking a cheesecake and it’s in the oven, you start thinking about...

top view of nut caramel tart

Caramel nut tart

Making a pastry that beats or rivals that of a pastry shop isn’t something that happens to me very often. I mean, a good cookie or muffin are doable, but those more delicate, often French, pastries, aren’t...

apple pie (flat) ready to go in the oven

Dutch Apple pie

Whenever I somehow manage to gather an excess of apples in my fridge or want to bring a pie to celebrate a certain occasion, I tend to make apple pie. It’s that pie that nearly everyone likes, isn’t too hard...