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clotted cream and scones

Science of your clotted cream

There are a lot of different creams out these in the supermarket nowadays. An acidic sour cream to top a baked potato, a heavy whipping cream to top your apple pie and so many more. Clotted cream is yet another one and...

close up of puff in the puff pastry

Puff pastry – Science of flaky layers

Making puff pastry sounds very daunting to a lot of home bakers. You can see contestants struggling with it on tv baking shows, like the Great British bake off. And why make it, when you can buy it? It took me a long...

top view of 6 kouign amanns

Kouign Amann – Science and history of a French pastry

If you’ve never heard of kouign amann, you’re not the only one. It’s one of the many types of French pastry that exists, with its origins in a town in Bretagne. French pastry in general has a long rich...