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Pancakes are a great vehicle for exploring science. It’s one of those foods that’s pretty hard to mess up, easy to make in small batches and one where you can see changes you make super easily.

We should have pancake making classes in school to teach a science spirit within our kids. It’s a great way to do (jummy) tests and evaluate changes in recipe and process.

On this blog we regularly refer to pancakes to explain science or simply discover new things. Have a look at all our pancake science posts and have fun exploring.

Dutch microwave pancake

Decoding pancake package labels

If you have ever made American-style pancakes (those thick fluffy ones) at home, you know with how little ingredients you can whisk up a perfectly fine pancake. Take some flour, salt, baking powder and a little sugar...

pumpkin pancakes with sugar syrup

Why pumpkin works in pancakes

We’ve made carrot pancakes, a Dutch style, French crepes, pancakes from the oven, milk-free pancakes and pancakes without eggs. Plenty types of pancakes (and the failed rhubarb pancakes)! So why not make some...

Dutch baby with fresh fruits and icing sugar in skillet

Oven pancake instead of stove made – On culture & science

As you might know by now (example 1, 2 and 3), pancakes are a great way to illustrate culture and science of food. So when a fellow Dutch blogger recently wrote about ‘Dutch baby’ pancakes, it was time to...

Oatly pancakes with Oatly milk

Milk free pancakes – Using oat milk

Milk free, gluten free, sugar free, you see these recipes all the time. Since I don’t have an allergie for milk, gluten or sugar, I don’t really use these, unless, they’re simply good recipes...


Poffertjes – Dutch Food & Some History

Another typical Dutch food as part of my Dutch food series are poffertjes. Poffertjes look like very small little pancakes, just a couple (maybe 5) cm in diameter! It seems as if these poffertjes were already eaten in...

Homemade vs. Store bought Pancake – NL

The way we look at food changes continuously and has especially changed a lot in the last few decades. Nowadays we’re so used to food being present all the time, we start worrying about other things. Trends come...

Dutch pancake

Dutch pancakes

As you might know, I like making pancakes. After making French crepes it’s now time to make typical Dutch pancakes. Dutch pancakes, in my opinion, are: large pancakes (one pancake should cover the complete surface...

Frech crepes, freshly made with fruits

Crepes – the French pancake

I like pancakes, more specifically, baking pancakes. I don’t know why, but somehow, baking pancakes is just lots of fun. Recipes are always easy to put together, we tend to have all ingredients in the house and...