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Pancakes are a great vehicle for exploring science. It’s one of those foods that’s pretty hard to mess up, easy to make in small batches and one where you can see changes you make super easily.

We should have pancake making classes in school to teach a science spirit within our kids. It’s a great way to do (jummy) tests and evaluate changes in recipe and process.

On this blog we regularly refer to pancakes to explain science or simply discover new things. Have a look at all our pancake science posts and have fun exploring.

How to Make Oat Milk Pancakes

oat milk pancakes with cheese

Just because you are allergic to milk, use less dairy milk out of concern for the environment doesn’t mean you can’t eat pancakes anymore! It so happens, pancakes don’t really need (cow’s) milk. They’re actually very flexible regarding the type…

Crepes – the French pancake

Frech crepes, freshly made with fruits

I like pancakes, more specifically, baking pancakes. I don’t know why, but somehow, baking pancakes is just lots of fun. Recipes are always easy to put together, we tend to have all ingredients in the house and there are so…