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side view of pice of torta setteveli

Torta Setteveli

Making a complicated dessert once in a while is a good way to practice a lot of techniques and to learn something new. The French in particular are good in making pastry which consists of a lot of different (complex)...

chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with pistachio crumb sm

Chocolate and peanut butter dessert

There are few shows I completely follow along with, but I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia since the start. None of the other version (US, UK, Dutch) have made it to my playlist. The show has a good...

peanut butter from the fridge - keeps its shape

Why do some peanut butters split?

Have you even noticed in stores that some  peanut butters have a layer of clear liquid on top of the peanut butter? It doesn’t seem to matter whether it’s chunky or not, some brands just do. Other...