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chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with pistachio crumb sm

Chocolate and peanut butter dessert

There are few shows I completely follow along with, but I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia since the start. None of the other version (US, UK, Dutch) have made it to my playlist. The show has a good balance...

peanut butter brownie

Peanut butter brownies with cocoa powder

Seeing the huge number of peanut butter chocolate recipes on the internet, it just has to be a good combination. In cooking shows on tv a chocolate peanut butter dessert can give you raving reviews and even Chef Watson...

goats cheese with roasted walnuts sandwich

Food hack – a great simple trick to chop nuts

Today’s not going to be a long post evaluating the deep science of food and food production, instead, it’s a really simple trick for chopping nuts that I discovered a little while ago when making a raisin...