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Here we collect all our articles on meat science! Meat is fundamentally different from vegetables, fruits and dairy. It starts with the microstructure and texture, but also colour, shelf life and preparation are unique to meats.

Here we explore the science of meat, whether it’s the science of pulled pork, farming of pigs or how the colour of meat is affected by its packaging.

worstenbroodjes - ready to bake

Dutch Food – Worstenbroodjes (sausage rolls)

Before fridges and freezers were invented, we used other methods to keep our food good. Meats especially were vulnerable. Common ways to preserve meat included salting and drying. Another method, which might not...

pigs in the barn, relaxing

Where pork meat comes from – Visiting a pig farm

Seeing where our food comes from is a great way to better understand our food, not just the science, but the whole supply chain that starts long before it comes in a factory, supermarket or on our plate. Seeing how...