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Here we collect all our articles on meat science! Meat is fundamentally different from vegetables, fruits and dairy. It starts with the microstructure and texture, but also colour, shelf life and preparation are unique to meats.

Here we explore the science of meat, whether it’s the science of pulled pork, farming of pigs or how the colour of meat is affected by its packaging.

Vegetarian chicken used in a fried rice dish with kroepoek

Vegetarian Chicken – How is it made?

What do you think the dish at the top of this photo consists of? Looks like chicken with rice to you? It does so to me as well! However, it is ‘chicken’, but, it’s vegetarian… Most of us know: we...

pulling the pulled pork

Pulled Pork Science

Have you ever wonder why you can pull pulled pork into a lot of tiny strands? Why it’s so different from a quickly grilled pork chop? Why it isn’t tough, but soft and tender (despite having been cooked for...

InstantPot spare ribs

Spare ribs can take hours to prepare, whether it’s in an oven or on the barbecue. They slowly heat up and become tender and soft with regular basting and watching over the spare ribs. If it’s winter though...

bright crispy chicken skins

Science of crispy foods – Crispy chicken skin

We humans like crispy foods. Whether it’s munching on a potato chip, cracking through some crispy pork belly or enjoying a crispy bread crust, somehow we crave for it. There’s a reason chefs (and contestants...

spare ribs - close up

Science of perfect oven baked ribs

Ribs, or spare ribs, have never really been my favorite meal. I wouldn’t order them in a restaurant, too much bone, too much sauce, too much salt and fat, too little good taste. That was, until the moment we made...

smoked sausage with the pink ring

Science of smoking a sausage on the barbecue

Ever compared how a sausage comes out after grilling, frying in a frying pan or ‘steaming’ in a little bit of water? They probably all turned out very differently! The steamed version will have probably...