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There are tons of types of ice cream, despite all the different flavours though, the basic principle to how they’re made is pretty similar. There’s actually quite a lot of science to it. Scroll down through the posts below to learn all about ice cream & ice cream science.

hello my name is ice cream book cover

Hello, my name is ice cream – Book review

There aren’t a lot of books out there that combine science and recipes in a way that it’s accessible for the non-scientist, but also fun and interesting for a food scientist. Hello, my name is ice cream...

olive oil ice cream, super smooth

How ice cream is made in a factory

Whether you make one bowl of ice cream at home, or 1000 liter in a factory, the science of ice cream stays the same. You’d still want small ice crystals, to make a super smooth ice cream and you’d like to...

chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with pistachio crumb sm

Chocolate and peanut butter dessert

There are few shows I completely follow along with, but I’ve been watching Masterchef Australia since the start. None of the other version (US, UK, Dutch) have made it to my playlist. The show has a good balance...

bite in an ice cream bar

How an ice cream bar is made

Ice cream bars seems to become more and more fancy. They used to be a creamy center, on a stick, with a simple chocolate or fruity layer around them. However, nowadays there are ice cream bars with up to three layers...

olive oil ice cream, super smooth

Freezing point depression (in ice cream)

Why is an ice cube rock solid whereas a scoop of Italian gelato is almost liquid like? Even a ‘simple’ popsicle isn’t as hard as a  pure water ice cube. Instead you can bite some off quite easily...