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Why a Lemon is Yellow

No, we can’t answer the philosophical question, of why a lemon has a yellow color. But, we can explain what it is that makes a lemon yellow. Hint, it’s molecules, a specific group of molecules called carotenoids.

orange slices

What Makes an Orange, Orange?

Oranges are orange. Not sure which was named first here, the fruit or the color? But, that’s not what we’re interested in anyway. We want to know, why do oranges have this bright, orange color? What is the underlying chemistry?…

brown raisins

How Raisins Are Made

Raisins are dried grapes, nothing more, and nothing less (most of the time). But, since grapes contain a lot of water, it requires some smart processing and proper quality control to make sure those grapes actually turn into raisins.

apple and pineapple beignets

How to Make Apple Beignets

New year’s celebrations have resulted in a lot of, once-a-year snacks, all over the world. In the Netherlands, you’re bound to find a pile of oliebollen in most homes. But, aside from this typical staple, don’t discount its fruity alternatives,…

two apple ciders with green tea and plum

How Alcoholic Apple Cider is Made

As a people, we seem to have managed to make alcoholic drinks from all sorts of produce. Grains are transformed into beer, or spirits (e.g. whiskey). Grapes are transformed into wine, pears into perry, and apples, into cider. Making an…