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close up of ice crystals on frozen raspberries

When & How to Use Frozen Berries

Fresh blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, they’re delicious and juicy. But, they’re also very seasonal and fragile. There’s a reason they tend to be sold in sturdy plastic containers, even a slight...

lemon custard pies

The power of lemons – Lemon science

After reading Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat I became a lot more aware of the importance of acid in food. Not just in a lemon meringue tart (even though those are delicious), in lemon bars or as a drizzle over a salad. Instead...

two apple ciders with green tea and plum

How Alcoholic Apple Cider Is Made – the Process

As a people we seem to have managed to make alcoholic drinks from just about all of our produce. Grains can be transformed into beer, or spirits such as whiskey. Grapes are transformed into wine and apples, yes, you...