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Italian meringue cheesecake

Saving collapsed Italian meringue

Have you ever been left with egg whites after making a recipe that calls for egg yolks only? And not feeling like making crispy meringues from the oven, again? Good thing there are other options such as these soft and...

marshmallows (store bought)

Marshmallows – a peak into a fascinating history

It’s like a cloud, white, light and fluffy. A typical example of a foam with plenty of air bubbles throughout coated in sugar and gelatin. It’s a bit of a hassle to make them (though certainly not...

chocolate mousse with creme patissiere

Chocolate mousse – stabilizing a foam

A good chocolate mousse is super smooth, airy, chocolatey and just melts in the mouth. It’s a great end to a dinner and is definitely one of my favorite desserts. If you want to make it yourself though it can be...