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stack of brown butter almond tuiles

Brown butter is a flavor bomb for cookies

You can make a great cookie with sugar, butter and flour (that is, shortbread), you can make a delicate crispy almond tuile by adding some egg and almonds. But, your tuile (and a lot of other cookies as well!) become so...

bunch of red onions

The Flavour Science of an Onion

The other day we made an onion tart that was so incredibly sweet, it was hard to believe the topping was made of just about nothing but onions. It tasted nothing like raw pungent onion and definitely reminded me that...

whisky glasses and vessel

How Does Whiskey/Whisky Get Its Flavour?

What’s the similarity between vanilla ice cream and whisky? Any clue? It’s the vanilla. Whisky often contains vanilla flavours, just like ice cream does. But no vanilla bean has been added to whisky of...