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pigs in the barn, relaxing

Where pork meat comes from – Visiting a pig farm

Seeing where our food comes from is a great way to better understand our food, not just the science, but the whole supply chain that starts long before it comes in a factory, supermarket or on our plate. Seeing how...

close up of red tasty tom tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes – Greenhouse efficiency

Knowing where my food comes from and how it’s made, is something that makes me understand my food even better. It’s where the science of our foods start and has a lot of influence on how they taste, react...

growing an avocado

Growing avocados – Using an Avoseedo

Besides cooking and baking food, I also enjoy growing or (it, better said: attempting to grow my food). I’m certainly not a great gardener (yet?) but it gives me a lot of new opportunities for doing experiments...