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donut scienceDonuts have been around for quite some time. The donut itself seems to have originated in the US, but several of its European predecessors are still to be found (e.g. oliebollen in the Netherlands).

Over the course of the years two main types of donuts were developed: yeast and cake donuts. Those two donuts are made in quite different ways. A cake donut doesn’t need yeast and as a results can be made quite a bit faster than a yeast donut (read how cake donuts are made).

A yeast donut on the other hand, is well suited to being filled with all sorts of fillings (e.g. jam, chocolate, creme patissier). Apart from varying fillings, there are also plenty ways you can vary with the dough, e.g. you can use sourdough (for a more in-depth flavour) or a water roux (for an even softer texture).

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4 types of donuts, Bavarian, maple bacon long John, chocolate cake, pumpkin cake

Donut Bootcamp at The Chopping Block

I had made donuts a couple of times at home. However, they didn’t always turn out as light and fluffy as I hoped for. Sometimes they deformed horribly, other times they just didn’t taste like a real donut...

collection of donuts

The History of Cake and Yeast Donuts

Have you ever wondered about the difference between cake and yeast donuts? Wondered where donuts come from and how they’re made? If so, you’re in luck because we’ll be diving into the inspiring world...

inside of pumpkin cake donut hole

The Science of Cake Donuts (+ Recipe)

There was a time when I thought a donut was a donut. Just a light brown fried ring with a glaze on top. Of course, there are a tons of glazes & fillings but, being non-American, I never realized there are quite...

sourdough donuts on a plate freslhy baked

How to Make Sourdough Donuts

Ever been to a donut shop with only five types of donuts? I definitely haven’t. Most donut shops excel in giving you choice overload. Way too many variations to choose from. But, if you look more closely, you will...

Donut dough rising in the oven

How & why a water roux improves your donuts

Great things happen in cooking when you use a technique that you would normally use for one application in a new and inventive way in something totally different. That’s why I was so curious to test out using a...