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donut scienceDonuts have been around for quite some time and especially in Europe you will still find some of its ancestors, e.g. oliebollen in the Netherlands.

Over the course of the years two main donut types evolved: yeast and cake donuts, we dive into their histories. Those two donuts are made in quite different ways. A cake donut doesn’t need yeast and can be made quite a bit faster than a yeast donut (read how cake donuts are made). A yeast donut is ideal for being filled with all sorts of fillings. Also, there exist a lot of variations on cake donuts, e.g. you can use sourdough (for a more in-depth flavour) or a water roux (for an even softer texture).

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collection of donuts

The history of cake & yeast donuts

Have you ever wondered about the difference between cake and yeast donuts? Wondered where donuts come from and how they’re made? If so, you’re in luck because we’ll be diving into the inspiring world...

chocolate filled donut with a bite out of it

Guide to filled yeast donuts

What’s a better surprise than biting into your donut and discovering there’s a whole other filling inside?! Whether it’s a jam or creme patissiere, it gives your donut a whole extra dimension...

oliebollen - dutch donuts - with and without raisins and with icing sugar

What are oliebollen? – The ‘Dutch donut’

Every year, on New Year’s Eve, a pot gets filled with oil and a dough is left to proof on the radiator to make something I wouldn’t make any other day of the year: oliebollen. Oliebollen for me are linked to...

Donut dough rising in the oven

How & why a water roux improves your donuts

Great things happen in cooking when you use a technique that you would normally use for one application in a new and inventive way in something totally different. That’s why I was so curious to test out using a...