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Cookies are great to explore science with. It’s easy to adjust recipes and see differences happening right in front of your eyes. We have a great collection of sciency posts on cookies for exactly that reason. Scroll through the cookie science archives and learn about the baking process, influence of ingredients and on cookie science in general.

barbeque skillet cookie left overs

Barbecue skillet cookie – Barbecookie!

Feel like a dessert after a barbecue but don’t know anything that seems fitting? Good thing we’ve got a solution for you: how better to end your barbecue than with a dessert made on the barbecue? Introducing...

Hazelnut cookies oven experiment three different temperatures

14x Cookie Science – A roundup

Just like with any food, I like to understand the science of cookies. Why do I have to add certain ingredients and why do I have to do certain processes? If I don’t see a reason to add or do something, chances are...


TaaiTaai – Dutch ‘cookie’ with rye flour

Only a very select few months (those before December) will you be able to find taaitaai in the stores. It’s a very seasonal sweet baked good, in between a cookie and a cake, with mixed in spices, mostly anise...