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Cookies are great to explore science with. It’s easy to adjust recipes and see differences happening right in front of your eyes. We have a great collection of sciency posts on cookies for exactly that reason. Scroll through the cookie science archives and learn about the baking process, influence of ingredients and on cookie science in general.


TaaiTaai – A Tough Dutch ‘Cookie’

Taaitaai, literally translated, it means ‘toughtough’. It’s a Dutch style of cookie that you’ll only find in stores in November, until early December. With a slight anise seed flavor it’s a main stay of the ‘Sinterklaas’ celebration season. The reason…

comparing gingersnaps

Unpeeling The Science of Cookies

Do you like your cookies crispy or chewy? With chocolate chips or maybe pieces of fruit? Do you like to decorate your cookies for the holidays? Do you enjoy making something special or do you prefer making a base recipe time and time again? Want to use butter or oil? Want your cookies sweet or maybe even a little salty? No matter what cookie person you are, understanding the science of cookies is going to help you in your cookie-eating & baking game! There are probably about as many cookie recipes out there as there are cookie eaters. Everyone has their own preference and types they prefer. It is impossible to test and explore every single cookie recipe. But, once you understand how a basic cookie recipe works, you can tweak it whichever way you like and make your own “perfect” version! Here we’re collecting all the information (and updating it as we add more articles and useful references) to serve as your guide to the cookie baking universe!