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Cookies are great to explore science with. It’s easy to adjust recipes and see differences happening right in front of your eyes. We have a great collection of sciency posts on cookies for exactly that reason. Scroll through the cookie science archives and learn about the baking process, influence of ingredients and on cookie science in general.

zucchini courgette cookies with half of them iced with icing sugar icing

Cookie icing science – Science guide of cookie decoration

Every Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s day or any other big holiday decorated cookies will start popping up all over the internet. Decorated pumpkins, heart, eggs and trees with beautiful colours. Here at...

Hydrox (left) vs. Oreo (right)

Hydrox vs. Oreo cookies

When entering the cookie isle in most large American supermarkets you will probably run into this large blue section, full of similar packages. Full of Oreo cookies. It’s one of the biggest cookie brands in the US...

what happens in the oven - finished cookies

Baking cookies – What happens in the oven

Cookies + science = happiness, isn’t it? We’ve discussed cookie science quite a few times here on the blog. Whether it’s the role of different ingredients, the role of food colouring or just to share...

red velvet cookies

What is red velvet? – A cookie recipe

Before making a red velvet cake or making red velvet cookies I never knew what red velvet cake or cookies were. I assumed they were plain vanilla cookies with a bright red colour. How could I know they contain cocoa...