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top view of mirror glaze on torta setteveli

Why a mirror glaze is so shiny

By making my first ever mirror glaze in late 2018, I’ve probably come way too late to the party. Mirror glazes were quite the hype on social media back in 2016,. It seems that has calmed down a bit, but they...

fresh fruits on the cheesecak, ready for the last bake

Colours in fruits & vegetables

Have you ever noticed how fruits and vegetables have a wide variety of colours? The spectrum goes from orange to purple to green to bright red. It’s amazing how nature has developed all these bright and beautiful...

purple carrot cake with icing

Purple carrot cake – Baking with purple carrots

Carrots are orange, aren’t they? No, not necessarily! Purple and yellow carrots are a relatively new variation of carrots in our supermarket (at least in my perception, until I found out it’s actually the...