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peanut butter brownie

Peanut butter brownies with cocoa powder

Seeing the huge number of peanut butter chocolate recipes on the internet, it just has to be a good combination. In cooking shows on tv a chocolate peanut butter dessert can give you raving reviews and even Chef Watson...

chocolate zucchini courgette cake with frosting

Why zucchini makes a moist chocolate cake

We are facing a zucchini overload. Our two courgette plants have been giving us a new courgette at least twice a week. As a result, we’ve been eating a lot of courgette. So much so that we just didn’t feel...

purple carrot cake with icing

Purple carrot cake – Baking with purple carrots

Carrots are orange, aren’t they? No, not necessarily! Purple and yellow carrots are a relatively new variation of carrots in our supermarket (at least in my perception, until I found out it’s actually the...