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Baking bread from scratch is something I thorouhly enjoy doing. Seeing your dough evolve into a real bread which tastes superb when coming out of the oven is worth it.

On this website we write both about the basic (science) of bread as well as discussing recipes. Want to start with an overview of bread making?: start with our overview post and explore the different steps in more detail by clicking through.

Scroll through the topics below to find more specific information on the basics of bread making (e.g. the bread making process, gluten development, staling of bread, science of the ingredients) as well as a wide variety of recipes (e.g. paratha, 100% whole wheat bread, french baguettes, croissantsalmond paste bread, chapati, french toast).

LoafNest freshly baked bread

Testing Loafnest: A smart way to bake beautiful bread

Are you wary of baking your own bread because of the hassle and trouble involved (we did discuss all the different steps before)? If so, I am very excited to say that I can share a great simple tool that will make it...

msemen rghaif kofte

Morrocan flatbread – Msemen /Rghaif & Laminating doughs

Take some flour, water and salt and you’ve got the basis of so many different breads. What about Indian chapati or a whole wheat bread? Add some fat and you can make paratha, add some yogurt for pita and the...

boudin bakery bakers at work

Famous sourdough bread – Boudin Bakery

Long before instant yeast was on the market, bread bakers had to maintain and keep their own living yeasts to proof their breads. Since yeast are living micro organisms quite some care has to go into these cultures to...

dried sourdough starter

Storing a sourdough starter for months

Started a sourdough starter for your bread, managed to maintain it for a couple of months, but simply don’t have the time to maintain it the upcoming weeks or months? Maybe you’re going on a trip, or...

worstenbroodjes - ready to bake

Dutch Food – Worstenbroodjes (sausage rolls)

Before fridges and freezers were invented, we used other methods to keep our food good. Meats especially were vulnerable. Common ways to preserve meat included salting and drying. Another method, which might not...

oven baked french toast with strawberries and icing sugar

French Toast: Oven vs. Pan & A recipe with strawberrries

French toast is one of my favorite ways to finish old, stale bread. A good soak in a soggy egg mixture, softens the bread and still makes it great to eat. When in high school one of the first things I was taught to make...