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pulling the pulled pork

Pulled Pork Science

Have you ever wonder why you can pull pulled pork into a lot of tiny strands? Why it’s so different from a quickly grilled pork chop? Why it isn’t tough, but soft and tender (despite having been cooked for...

smoked sausage with the pink ring

Science of smoking a sausage on the barbecue

Ever compared how a sausage comes out after grilling, frying in a frying pan or ‘steaming’ in a little bit of water? They probably all turned out very differently! The steamed version will have probably...

barbeque skillet cookie left overs

Barbecue skillet cookie – Barbecookie!

Feel like a dessert after a barbecue but don’t know anything that seems fitting? Good thing we’ve got a solution for you: how better to end your barbecue than with a dessert made on the barbecue? Introducing...