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We’d love to help you find your way around on, this quick start guide should help you out. Hope this is helpful and remember, you can always ask questions!

Who are you?

A (small scale) food manufacturer: “I don’t have a lot of food science expertise in my team, but I think it might help me solve some challenges we have.” “I want to scale up from my kitchen into a real food production environment.”

A chef (or cook): “I would like to understand my recipes better so I can improve them.”

Teacher, student, (aspiring) scientist: “I would like to use food to explain science.”
“I’m hoping food will help me understand science.”

Why are you here?

I have a specific food science question. ⇒ Ask the question or use the search bar on the side bar or bottom of page (for phones & tablets)

I am interested in food science and would like to know what it is. ⇒ This article might help you!

I ended up here and like reading your food sciency posts. ⇒ Sign up for our newsletter to continue receiving new articles.

What do you want to learn about?

The basics of food science ; Food microbiology ; Food chemistry ; Food physics

I’d like to learn more about the science of foods & ingredients: Additives ; Bread ; Cake ; Cheese ; Donuts ; Enzymes ; Ice cream ; Meat ; Pancakes

The processing of food: Packaging ; Preservation ; Manufacturing ; Fermentation

Something else, such as: Colour in food ; Browning in food ; Dutch food

Based on who you are, you might need:

Audience - food manufacturers - want to improve food production You’re running your business but run into issue you can’t really explain or solve. Maybe your food changes colour even though you don’t want it to? Or you want to scale up, but have no idea where to start.

How about you start by browsing through some of the food science basics posts? Or take one of our courses that will give you a basic understanding of the most important science concepts, applied to food.

If you’d like to focus on scaling up, browse through our posts on scaling up your processes.

Audience - chef & cooks - want to understand recipesAs a chef (or cook) you might sometimes wonder why you have to take a certain step in the recipe. Or you may wonder about the role of ingredients and whether you can substitute one for the other. We enjoy looking into both here, so browse around. Your best chance is to either use the search bar or browse through the posts in which we analyze recipes or our ingredients.

If you want to go that one level deeper and really start understanding food science, you might want to consider one of our (free) courses.

Audience - scientists, teachers and students - want to explain or understand science through foodIf you’re studying (or teaching) science, you might crave a bit of application. Just to see where all that knowledge can be used in real life. Food is a great way to understand science, your kitchen really is a laboratory as well!

Have a look at the articles in which we describe how food is made or how food works. Choosing a topic you like and searching for it will definitely help you as well!

Of course, looking into our Basics series on food microbiology, food physics or food chemistry will definitely help you as well!

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