When browsing on the internet for nice blogs, websites, but books as well, I stubble upon so many that I find interesting. I’m subscribed to tons of e-maillists to get inspired and hear all the new interesting stuff. However, sometimes I seem to lose or forget things, which is why I decided to make a resources page. My personal storage for interesting things and a great place for you to find further reading.

As you will know if you read my posts, I tend to mention all the important sources I’ve used for writing a blog post as well. So if you’re looking for something more specific, look at the posts itself.


I don’t have a ton of books, but I have several favorite ones and like to buy new ones. Not all new ones are a succes, some I only use very little. But here I’ll mention the ones I’ve read and used very very often! I’ll start with books that aren’t about sharing recipes, but about the science and stories of cooking.

on food and cooking cover1. On Food and Cooking The science and lore of the kitchen – Harold McGee

There’s no doubt about it, this has to be the first book on my list. I think it’s great. his book discussed the basics of food and cooking on just about everything in 15 chapters. It’s an easy to read and understand book and good for both those with a limited science background and those with a more thorough understanding. He simply covers so many topics, you’ll most probably always learn something new.

Whenever I’m researching a new topic I will get this book and find what he has to write about it. Since so many topics are covered, they can’t all be covered in full-depth, but it often gives me just enough details to get my search started.

molecular gastronomy cover2. Molecular Gastronomy Exploring the science of flavor – Hervé This

This book is used a lot less in my kitchen than On Food and Cooking, nevertheless, I like it. It’s a nice book explaining a lot of different phenomena (about 100 different topics!) referencing literature and experiments Hervé This has done himself. Each chapter covers one research question (such as: expansion of quiches, adding water to whipped egg whites or the effect of salt). Sometimes the chapters are a little too short and a little complicated to understand, but it’s a nice read in general.

het nederlands bakboek cover3. Het Nederlands bakboek – Gaitri Pagrach-Chandra

Sorry international (non-Dutch speaking) readers, but some of my favorite recipe cookbooks are Dutch. This book is one of them. The book combines food history, stories about the origin of Dutch baked products such as breads and sweet treats, with recipes for the products. I’ve made a lot of the recipes. They tend to succeed in just about all cases and help me a lot in learning how to bake products properly.

4. De zilveren lepel

This originally Italian cookbook (also translated in English) is a great collection of Italian recipes. It’s a huge book with a lot of different recipes, but one of our favorites to flip through and find something interesting and new. The recipes are generally easy to make, clearly described and simply taste good.

spice wise cover5. Spice Wise – Michel Hanssen

I’ve never been that good in cooking with spices and still am not the best. I often need recipes to follow to get that great taste. Often recipes contain a lot of spices that I might not even have or look complicated. That’s when I got the book SpiceWise. It contains great spice mixes which are easy to make and find. It’s really helped me in cooking with spices and it’s a favorite in the kitchen here.

Blogs & websites

There are so much blogs and websites I follow. I’m old fashioned though. I don’t use Facebook or Pinterest that much and don’t even have Twitter or Instagram. I like signing up for e-mailupdates. That way I’m sure I actually see the messages of blogs I like instead of my losing them in a long threadof posts and it allows me to just not be online for a day (or longer) and still have all my updates right there in my inbox. When I stumble upon a blog that might be interesting I sign up for the e-mail list. When after a couple of weeks I notice I don’t really read/like the updates, I unsubscribe again. I like it that way.


Podcasts are a pretty recent discovery of mine and I love it! It’s great when you’re travelling and don’t want to hear regular radio. I download my podcasts on my phone so I can listen to them anytime I want, without requiring internet. There are again quite some podcasts I follow, but I’ll mention the ones here that are most associated with the blog.

FoodBloggerPro – Bjork Ostrom

It’s a great podcast covering all sorts of topics on (food) blogging. I especially like the fact that they do a lot of interviews with other bloggers. It’s very nice to hear other people’s stories and the advice and experience on a lot of different topics. Even though I’m not bloggin professionally, it’s good to listen to.

Problogger – Darren Rowse

Covers all topics blogging. Even though not all topics are as interesting for me, there are a lot of nice little tips and tricks. The good thing about podcasts is that you get the newest podcast on your phone automatically (at least I do) and can easily decide which to listen to. If you’re really into learning more about blogging in general this is a great one to listen to.