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Reducing food waste – 35% discount stickers

  • When googling ‘challenges for the food industry’ I won’t find ‘better preservation of apple juice’, ‘increasing shelf life of apples’ or ‘improving nutritional value of apple pie’. No, one of the most common challenges I find is how to reduce food waste.

It’s been estimated that in the US ore than a third of all food is thrown away. Since making this food takes a lot of energy, water and other resources and since the world population keeps on growing, we have to take care less food is wasted.

Preventing food waste doesn’t have to mean huge complicated measures have to be taken everywhere. One simple example I like is the 35% discount sticker a large supermarket chain in the Netherlands uses. If a product is very close to its expiry date, they will give a customer buyin the product a 35% discount!

It pushes consumers to still buy this product even though they’l have to use it on the same day or within a few days. It’s easy and simple and I hope efficient. I know for a fact that we buy 35% discounted products pretty often, if it fits within our meal plans for the coming days, we’ll buy it.

I didn’t find any research as to whether it actually is effective, nevertheless, I believe it probably is, else the supermarket would have stopped, wouldn’t they?

Does your supermarket have programs to reduce food waste?


Two articles discussing the food waste issue: Minnesota University, the Guardian

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  1. Yes, discounts to encourage use of food befores it expires are very helpful. Something like 40% of all food taken home ends up uneated or as waste. Even though we put all our food waste to our chickens, it still means we are not being as efficient as possible.
    Thank you

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