My recipe database technique

I love cookbooks, I like flipping through them, looking at the beautiful photos and just wondering whether I should try the recipe. I find it so difficult to choose what to make though, it can take me ages to just decide what to try. Of course, I also look for recipes on the internet, but there’s something about cookbooks that I like more.

One of the things I Iike is that I can actually stick post-its in my books! I find it a shame to write in books, so I tend to write whether I tried a recipe and how it went, on a post-it and stick it next to the recipe. It’s a great way to remember what I’ve tried before, since of course, next time I’ll be making the recipe, I have probably forgotten about it already!2015-09-20 21.05.23

For me this ‘recipe database technique’ works great, it’s quick to do (important, since after cooking and eating and cleaning the kitchen I generally don’t feel like writing a whole novel about the food) and I always have the comments at hand, increasing the chance that I can improve even further next time.

How do you keep track of your experiments? Using cookbooks or the internet or do you have another smart way?

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