Modernist Bread – Amazing Science

When writing my posts on baking: the history of oven, oven temperatures and on what happens during bread I got an e-mail. As you might know, I tend to follow quite a lot of blogs and websites, one of them is Modernist Cuisine. The other day I received an e-mail from them, announcing a new book: Modernist Bread.

It’s still a year before the book gets out and I’m afraid the book will be too expensive (and big) for me too buy (although you never know…). But it sounds amazing, really amazing. They’ve been baking bread for several years and researching all these different recipes, both visually as well as analytically. It seems they have a lot of really cool research equipment that they’ve been using in their research.

They use a 3D-scanner to measure volume of their bread. I guess this way they’re comparing a lot of different recipes and processes and analyzing which gives the best increase in volume and the most fluffy bread. Nice! And it’s not all, they have microscopes to study their breads and a tool to analyze their flours. It sounds so interesting and a great way to explore foods.

I guess there’s still so much more to come. But if you’re just a little like me, interested in food and science and especially food science, this is something you have to keep track of!

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