Wheat Flour Infographic

The Science of Flour Explained in One Image (Infographic)

Wheat flour is one of those staple ingredients that’s in just about any pantry in this world. And if you don’t have wheat flour, you probably have some other sort of flour in your cupboard for sure. It’s also one of those ingredients that’s used in an awful lot of dishes, to name just a few: pies, muffins, cookies, sauces, quiches, bread, etc.

That’s why we made this useful infographic, explaining the highlights of (wheat) flou. Understanding flour will help you understand when to use it and what to use it for. Use this infographic when reading and learning more about food and science to help you grasp all the different concepts.

Wheat Flour Infographic

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The topics explained in this infographic on (wheat) flour come back in a lot of other posts on this website. The gluten of wheat flour play an essential role in baking a high quality fluffy bread as we discuss in the post on gluten in scones vs. bread.

The thickening power of flour is caused by the starch as shown in this infographic. You plays a role when making a pie filling as well as when making a roux.


For this infographic I, used various sources, the most important are: On Food and Cooking, Harold McGee ; Wikipedia ; A scientific article summary on gluten ; Bonding with Food

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