French fries – Ingenious packaging

I like french fries, yes, really like french fries. But, I’m picky when it comes to french fries. There are so many types of french fries. They can be thin, thick, with or without skin, krinkled, flavoured, etc. etc. When I have the time I really enjoy making my own fries. It’s interesting to see how different potatoes, make different fries, with different colours, textures and flavour. Furthermore, by making them myself I can choose the shape, I like my fries thick, so you can still taste the potato. But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about buying fries, more specifically about the package they come in.

home made french fries
My home made fried fries, freshly made, perfect with mayonaisse.

Yesterday I was at a food truck event, several food trucks served us food and one of those served, well yes, french fries of course. They tasted good (thick, with skin, the way I like them best, although they could have been somewhat more crunchy), however, that wasn’t the best thing, I loved the pack they came in!

In the Netherlands fries can be served in several ways: we all know the fast food way, a wide carton in which the fries can sit next to each other, then there is the plastic tray in which fries lie next to each other and of course the cone (puntzak in Dutch which means ‘pointy bag’).

French fries packaging methods

We Dutch like our ‘puntzakken’, it’s easy to walk around with one of these. However, I’ve also found there’s one big disadvantage. I like to eat my fries with mayonaise, fries without mayonaise are just not that good as with it. When you eat your french fries from a cone, the sauce is generally put on top. So your first fries have far too much sauce, whereas at the end you don’t have any suace left, or very dirty fingers from trying to fetch the lower fries first…

And that’s just the problem that was solved yesterday! This food truck served fries in a cone with a separate attachment for the sauce. It’s a brilliantly simple but very effective idea! It solves the big disadvantage of the cone, for me at least and makes me enjoy me fries even more.

Of course, once I mde the ‘discovery’ I browsed through the internet and noticed it’s already used in loads of places! The no. 1 french fries shop of the Netherlands (according to a newspaper who performs this test every year) actually uses them as well. It’s great, because I do think it improves the quality of the fries a lot!

frietzak_met_bakje          Frietzak frietwinkel

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make a good photo of the pack, it was too dark, so I borrowed two from the internet. Source of the left image:; the one on the right is from, the shop that won this year’s fries competition.

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