Course: Food Chemistry Basics

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Food is full of chemistry. Ingredients react with each other, forming new structures, flavours and colours. The colour of a tomato, the flavour of vanilla extract and the structure of bread all involve chemistry.

This course gives you a basic understanding of food chemistry. We will teach you the basic tools you need to be able to understand and do food chemistry. We’ll teach you what atoms and molecules are. These are the basis of anything food chemistry and will open up chemical reactions and more complex studies of structures for you. Once you’ve got the basics, we’ll study the most common molecules* in food: water, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

This course is:

  • For beginners with limited (e.g. only a few classes in school) background in chemistry

This course is not:

  • For people with a good basic understanding of chemistry, atoms, molecules, etc. This course might be a lot of repetition for you.
  • For people who prefer to browse and ‘google’ their learning together. A lot of the content of this course can be found elsewhere on this site in some way or shape. This course this brings everything together, ensures you focus on the most important parts and has quizzes and a thought through structure to ensure you stay on track.