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inside of pumpkin cake donut hole

The Science of Cake Donuts (+ Recipe)

There was a time when I thought a donut was a donut. Just a light brown fried ring with a glaze on top. Of course, there are a tons of glazes & fillings but, being non-American, I never realized there are quite...

Victoria sandwich with cranberry jam and icing sugar

Victoria sandwich – History & science of a cake

The Victoria sandwich is one of those bakes with a very rich history to it. It is believed to have been (one of) Queen Victoria’s favorite cake(s). It is a round cake of two layers with jam in the middle. As is...

hot water crust pastry hand shaped

How to Make Hot Water Crust Pastry

If there’s one completely new thing I learned from the show Great British Bake Off, it’s hot water crust pastry. I had never heard of the term before watching the show. Although, looking back, I did have...