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LoafNest - dough ready to bake

LoafNest: How a new way to bake bread was developed

Have you ever dreamed of developing your own kitchen tools to sell to others? Slightly overwhelmed by the long journey from idea, to prototype, to fundraising and actual manufacturing? We got to speak to the developers...

Dutch baby with fresh fruits and icing sugar in skillet

Oven pancake instead of stove made – On culture & science

As you might know by now (example 1, 2 and 3), pancakes are a great way to illustrate culture and science of food. So when a fellow Dutch blogger recently wrote about ‘Dutch baby’ pancakes, it was time to...

oven baked french toast with strawberries and icing sugar

French Toast: Oven vs. Pan & A recipe with strawberrries

French toast is one of my favorite ways to finish old, stale bread. A good soak in a soggy egg mixture, softens the bread and still makes it great to eat. When in high school one of the first things I was taught to make...