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Don’t understand why a specific ingredient is a part of your recipe? Have no clue how to handle an ingredient? Or are you curious as to what happens to an ingredient in your application?

Then these posts are written for you! For a wide range of ingredients we investigate why they’re used (e.g. why add sour cream or zucchini to a cake), and just what they do in your application.

Knowing this will put you in a great spot for determining substitutions, whether it’s because of diet, costs, or availability of ingredients. We believe understanding your ingredients is the key to good cooking and food manufacturing!

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Why Use (Black) Beans in Brownies?

black bean brownie stack

Always looking for a new experiment, I decided to try my hand at some black bean brownies the other day. Looking for a fun variation on brownies, and having some left-over sweet potato, I ended up making sweet potato-black bean…

How to Make Oat Milk Pancakes

oat milk pancakes with cheese

Just because you are allergic to milk, use less dairy milk out of concern for the environment doesn’t mean you can’t eat pancakes anymore! It so happens, pancakes don’t really need (cow’s) milk. They’re actually very flexible regarding the type…