Category - Using ingredients

Once you start using food ingredients in your cooking, or your production process, all sorts of changes will happen to the ingredient. It may soften, change colour or thicken.

You might also be using an ingredient for a very specific role in your food. Why would you use sour cream in cakes for instance? Or why would you use a zucchini in that same cake?

All these posts focus on digging into what happens to a specific ingredient once you start using it and it’s fascinating science!

If you want to learn more specific details of ingredients, check out our posts on researching ingredients.
If you want to compare ingredients and know which one to choose for which application, we have a category for that too!

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homemade yogurt with strawberries and oats

Why Do Yogurt Marinades Soften Meat so Well?

Whenever we make butter chicken, or just tandoori chicken, we marinate the meat in yogurt. Even though it is only in the marinade for 30 minutes or so, it makes the meat beautifully soft and tender. If you leave it in...