Category - Using ingredients

Once you start using food ingredients in your cooking, or your production process, all sorts of changes will happen to the ingredient. It may soften, change colour or thicken.

You might also be using an ingredient for a very specific role in your food. Why would you use sour cream in cakes for instance? Or why would you use a zucchini in that same cake?

All these posts focus on digging into what happens to a specific ingredient once you start using it and it’s fascinating science!

If you want to learn more specific details of ingredients, check out our posts on researching ingredients.
If you want to compare ingredients and know which one to choose for which application, we have a category for that too!

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hazelnut crumble bundt cake

Why & how sour cream is used in cakes

You can make a cake with very few ingredients, equal amounts of flour, butter, eggs and sugar will give you a delicious pound cake. However, you can tweak the flavour and texture of your cake in an unlimited number of...

pulling the pulled pork

Pulled Pork Science

Have you ever wonder why you can pull pulled pork into a lot of tiny strands? Why it’s so different from a quickly grilled pork chop? Why it isn’t tough, but soft and tender (despite having been cooked for...