Category - Understanding Ingredients

Once your food has been grown and harvested (or slaughtered), you’ve got your core ingredients, ready to be eaten or processed one step further. The core to really understand what happens next though, is that you really understand those ingredients. Understand why they are the way they are. Make sure you’re able to compare ingredients, and understand why they’re different and, very importantly, understand what their role is in your specific application.

Previous step: all these ingredients started out at a farm!
Next step: transform those ingredients, wherever necessary, into food through processing or cooking!

Early Grey tea leaves

How Tea is Made – From Plant to Cup

After boiling a pot of water and dunking in a fresh tea bag, that bright ,transparent water starts to turn into a golden yellow or brown. Fragrant smells start to waft into your nose. The warm cup is perfect to heat up...

The Joy & Science of Beer Foam

This is a guest post by Michael, author and founder of Robust Kitchen. Beer is awesome. Declare it from the rooftops! Or maybe that’s old news to you. If you’ve ever enjoyed downing a cold glass next to me at the local...