Category - Comparing Ingredients

Why would you use one cocoa powder over the other? How do you choose a replacer for egg? Sometimes, you learn the most about an ingredient when you compare it with another one. It forces you to think about what’s important and what makes it work. That’s what we do in all these posts, whether it’s butter, cocoa powder or tomatoes.

If you want to learn more about how ingredients change when you use them check out our posts on using ingredients. If you prefer a deeper dive in specific ingredients, we have a category for that too!

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cultured (left) vs uncultured (right) butter

Why not all butters are the same

If you’ve ever switched butter brands, and most of us probably have, you’ve probably noticed that one butter isn’t necessarily the same as another. Your new butter might be paler or yellower, harder or...

collection of donuts

The history of cake & yeast donuts

Have you ever wondered about the difference between cake and yeast donuts? Wondered where donuts come from and how they’re made? If so, you’re in luck because we’ll be diving into the inspiring world...

bacon slices, baked in the oven on at tray

British vs American vs Canadian Bacon

When visiting Great Britain, there are a few foods that are almost impossible to miss: an afternoon tea (with scones and clotted cream), fish and chips and, of course, an English breakfast. Mushrooms, tomato, beans...