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If you’re interested in food, and science, you probably want to learn even more than what we have on our website or try your hand at some of those great techniques. That’s why we review books that will help you learn something new why we test pieces of equipment. You can find all of them by scrolling down but we’ve made it a little easier by pulling out a few of our favorites and listing them here for you.

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We love reading books to learn about a cuisine, a technique or just about the science of food in general. Here’s a list of our reviews sorted by topic.

Want food science to be front and center of the book, then On Food and Cooking and the Food Lab are your go-to books.
Interested to learn more about what and why we eat. First Bite and the Dorito Effect are some of our favorite recommendations.
Want to buy a book on bread making? We’ve got a great guide to help you figure out what book may be a good fit for you.
Our current favorite ice cream book is the one by Dana Cree.
Looking for a cookbook to learn new skills or new recipes, you might want to read our review on Sweet & Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi or the books Greek and Curry Guy.

Seeing science come to live is great and even though you can do that with your regular kitchen appliances (oven, stove, freezer, etc.) there are some things that can help you explore new areas.

Start sous vide cooking with the Anova Nano
Make baking bread even easier with a LoafNest

ps. Looking for gifts? We’ve got a gift guide that also includes links to a lot of our reviews.


Books for bread baking scientists

Learning how to bake bread is not something you finish within a few days. Instead, the more you do it, the more you realize there still is so much to learn, which, being a scientist by training, is exactly why I find...

The Dorito Effect

The Dorito Effect – Book review

Some books change the way you look at the world. They might change your opinion on a certain topic, teach you something new or appreciate something new. I like those books, it’s why I read books, to re-adjust and...

Plenty book cover

Plenty (Yotam Ottolenghi) – A cookbook review

After having tested and tried the cookbook Sweet from Yotam Ottolenghi and only ending up with great food, I decided it was time to buy one of his savoury cookbooks. I decided on Plenty since I read some good reviews...

LoafNest freshly baked bread

Testing Loafnest: A smart way to bake beautiful bread

Are you wary of baking your own bread because of the hassle and trouble involved (we did discuss all the different steps before)? If so, I am very excited to say that I can share a great simple tool that will make it...


Greek (George Calombaris) – A cookbook review

Part of being a food scientist/science enthusiast, is to try out new foods, either when eating out, or in your own kitchen. Despite the fact that the internet is full of recipes, I still tend to like using cookbooks for...

boudin bakery bakers at work

Famous sourdough bread – Boudin Bakery

Long before instant yeast was on the market, bread bakers had to maintain and keep their own living yeasts to proof their breads. Since yeast are living micro organisms quite some care has to go into these cultures to...

Gift Guide for a Food Science Enthusiast

We’ve got the perfect list of gifts for you, if you’re looking for a gift for someone (could be yourself 😉 ) who loves food & science and who: Will actually use that ice cream or bread baking...

lamb dish, lamb bhuna from Curry guy cookbook

The Curry Guy – A cookbook review

I enjoy eating and cooking Indian food. The chapati flatbread is a home favorite, I love naan and dishes with paneer (e.g. saag paneer) tend to turn out well. That said though, I’ve never really managed to make...

brilliant bread - james morton cover

Brilliant Bread – A cookbook review

I am not a fan of the Great British Bake-off, to be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a complete episode, maybe I should! But thanks to a Great British Bake-off lover, I did get my hands on the book...