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If you’re interested in food, and science, you probably want to learn even more than what we have on our website or try your hand at some of those great techniques. That’s why we review books that will help you learn something new why we test pieces of equipment. You can find all of them by scrolling down but we’ve made it a little easier by pulling out a few of our favorites and listing them here for you.

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We love reading books to learn about a cuisine, a technique or just about the science of food in general. Here’s a list of our reviews sorted by topic.

Want food science to be front and center of the book, then On Food and Cooking and the Food Lab are your go-to books.
Interested to learn more about what and why we eat. First Bite and the Dorito Effect are some of our favorite recommendations.
Want to buy a book on bread making? We’ve got a great guide to help you figure out what book may be a good fit for you.
Our current favorite ice cream book is the one by Dana Cree.
Looking for a cookbook to learn new skills or new recipes, you might want to read our review on Sweet & Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi or the books Greek and Curry Guy.

Seeing science come to live is great and even though you can do that with your regular kitchen appliances (oven, stove, freezer, etc.) there are some things that can help you explore new areas.

Start sous vide cooking with the Anova Nano
Make baking bread even easier with a LoafNest

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Van Leeuwen artisan ice cream book cover

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream – A book review

Reading a cookbook from authors passionate about their topic, who write a cookbook about a topic because it’s what they do day in day out is always great. These books ‘shine’ more than those in which...

Gastrophysics - book cover ebook-1

Gastrophysics (Charles Spence) – A book review

We don’t talk about if often here, how to make sure that the food you make, is actually liked and desired by your customers. Whether that’s your family eating a meal, or millions of people buying your food...

front cover Turkish Cookbooks

The Turkish Cookbook (Musa Dağdeviren) – A review

Some cookbooks you buy because you like the author’s cooking style (e.g. Plenty), others you buy to learn more about a specific topic (Hello, my name is ice cream), others you buy to open doors to a world you...

front cover salt fat acid heat

Salt Fat Acid Heat (Samin Nosrat) – A book review

Most cookbooks or books about cooking, are recipe books. One recipe after the other. There might be some personal story from the author intertwined throughout, or a few tips and tricks on how to make it work well. Most...

4 types of donuts, Bavarian, maple bacon long John, chocolate cake, pumpkin cake

Donut Bootcamp at The Chopping Block

I had made donuts a couple of times at home. However, they didn’t always turn out as light and fluffy as I hoped for. Sometimes they deformed horribly, other times they just didn’t taste like a real donut...

Instantpot Duo Plus 9 in 1 front view

Reviewing the InstantPot – Pressure cooking

We never (or barely ever) made chili from dried beans, or made a meat stew during the week or made our own yogurt. All of that changed when we got our InstantPot, a pressure cooker and yogurt maker (that’s the...

book cover sweet yotam ottolenghi

Sweet (Yotam Ottolenghi) – A cookbook review

Are you looking for a cookbook to make fabulous desserts, which take some effort, but aren’t too complicated, have some unique flavour combinations and helps you learn some new techniques? Look no further:...

Anova Nano side view

Sous vide cooking – Reviewing the Anova Nano

If you’re a food scientist, it almost seems unavoidable to dive into the world of sous vide cooking. Sous vide cooking has been quite the rage for a while for chefs and food enthusiasts. Apparently, it’s the...

on food and cooking cover

On Food and Cooking (Harold McGee) – A book review

If I could recommend just one book to someone interested to learn more about food & science, it would be On Food and Cooking (affiliate link), by Harold McGee. It is more of an encyclopedia than anything and covers...