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pumpkin pancakes with sugar syrup

Pumpkin pancakes

We’ve made carrot pancakes, a Dutch style, French crepes, pancakes from the oven, milk-free pancakes and pancakes without eggs. Plenty types of pancakes (and the failed rhubarb pancakes)! So why not make some...

bunch of fresh basil leaves

Flavour of basil – Herb science

The other day we bought a beautiful fresh bunch of basil. Whereas you can use the dried version of a lot of herbs in a lot of recipes, I find that basil is almost always best when you use it fresh. It is no use making a...

whisky glasses and vessel

How whisk(e)y gets its flavour

What’s the similarity between vanilla ice cream and whisky? Any clue? It’s the vanilla. Whisky often contains vanilla flavours, just like ice cream does. But no vanilla bean has been added to whisky of...