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Why Granitas Are Flaky

coffee granita

Granita: you can’t scoop it into a nice ball. And it’s a little watery, slushy even. But, this refreshing, versatile treat is a hot weather mainstay that features prominently in many delicious desserts around the world. Making light and flaky…

3 Ways to Make a Caramel Sauce

caramel sauce made with sucrose + acid

There are literally countless recipes for caramel sauces. But, if you look more closely, you’ll find just 3 recurring patterns in these recipes. You can use brown sugar, caramelize sugar, or, make use of the Maillard reaction to make a…

The Sugary Science Behind Candy Making

peanut brittle experiments

Want to make your own sugar candy? Develop your own recipes? Maybe even start your own candy-making business? But do you feel like you’re only able to follow a recipe? Scared that even the slightest tweak will result in a…