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Want to understand how a tool or kitchen appliance works? If so, you’re at the right place! Whether it’s a pressure cooker or a Bundt cake pan, we explore how it works and why it works.

waffle with blueberries

Science of waffle making – Do you need to flip them over?

A while ago we bought a waffle iron as a present for someone else. It was actually one of those machines that could also make grilled sandwiches or use it as a grill for meat, etc. When I think of waffle irons, I think...

Hazelnut cookies oven experiment three different temperatures

Deciding on oven temperature – When a recipe doesn’t tell

Updated: 8-Feb-2017 I used to be pretty worried about using the correct temperature for my oven when baking something. I’d check carefully in the recipe, whether I chose the correct setting. If the recipe was in...