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Food chemistry starts with atoms, molecules, drawings these molecules and then looking at their reactions. In this series we focus on food chemistry theory. Instead of actively applying food chemistry to certain reactions or phenomenon, we try to explain the basics here. They should provide just that little extra of background information to properly apply food chemistry on food around you.

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Food chemistry basics - hydrophobic vs hydrophilic

Understanding hydrophilicity vs. hydrophobicity for food

Sometimes a term might be so familiar to you that you use it all the time, whereas another person, who doesn’t know that term, has no idea what you’re talking about. When talking about science that can be...

Drawing molecules & structural formulas for food components

Imagine having the pages of a book, but having no clue in which order they should go. Or having a recipe with only an ingredient list, no instructions on how to make the food. Or having an IKEA cupboard, with all the...

Comparing flow of ketchup, syrup and water

An introduction to food rheology

Within the food industry it is very important to understand how your food will behave. Will it be deformed (too) easily (a muffin), will it flow through a pipe (a pasta sauce), will it stay on your product (caramel...

Water activity in food – The theory

For any food scientist or someone who’s involved in determining shelf life and quality of foods, the concept of water activity should be familiar. It plays a huge role in whether or not a product will still be...


What is extraction? – The theory & Food

After writing about making your own extracts (vanilla & orange/lemon) and how to use these it is time we start talking more hard core science. What is extraction from a chemists perspective? And is there something...

Dutch microwave pancake

Crash course: Determining nutritional value of food

Ever read the labels on your food products? If yes, ever wondered how they come to the nutritional values stated on these labels? Or what they mean? Whereas people tend to think these are hard fixed numbers that have...