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Understanding food production, whether it’s at home are in a factory, starts with science. Once you have a grasp on some of the more basic science concepts, which you can find below, a whole new world opens up!

What Is Water Activity (in Food)?

It is one of the most important parameters when determining the shelf life of foods. It’s what explains why your pie crust turns soggy over time. And it sounds more complicated than it is: water activity. For any...

beer foam

The Science of Foams in Food

Think you need to be a molecular gastronomist, pr a chef at a fancy restaurant to try your hand at making food foams? Nothing could be further from the truth! Even though a lot of articles online write about these...

distillation stages

How Liquor is Distilled – Raoult’s Law

We know how to make spirits (we discussed that here), and we know that to make spirits (or liquors) you need to distill fermented grains. Distillation isn’t just used in spirits production though. It is one of any...