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Food chemistry starts with atoms, molecules, drawings these molecules and then looking at their reactions. In this series we focus on food chemistry theory. Instead of actively applying food chemistry to certain reactions or phenomenon, we try to explain the basics here. They should provide just that little extra of background information to properly apply food chemistry on food around you.

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distillation stages

The science of distilling liquors

We know how to make spirits (we discussed that here), and we know that to make spirits (or liquors) you need to distill fermented grains. Distillation isn’t just used in spirits production though. It is one of any...

sedimentation experiment chocolate milk 10 min

Chocolate milk & Sedimentation

Nothing fits a good wintery day better than a warm chocolate milk, don’t you agree? The heat of the milk warms you up just a little and it gives you enough of a boost of energy to get going again. It’s a...

sauerkraut, ready for fermentation

Lactic acid fermentation in food

Yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles, none of these products would exist without lactic acid fermentation. This is a series of chemical reactions that transforms your ingredients into something pretty different (and delicious)...

fresh fruits on the cheesecak, ready for the last bake

Colours in fruits & vegetables

Have you ever noticed how fruits and vegetables have a wide variety of colours? The spectrum goes from orange to purple to green to bright red. It’s amazing how nature has developed all these bright and beautiful...

rock sugar kandijsuiker

Rock sugar, Bastognekoeken & Sugar crystallization

In the Netherlands we have this one cookie type that’s used for a lot of different dishes. They’re popular for use in cookie pie crusts, ice cream and a bunch of other recipes. Their name: Bastognekoeken...