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Once your food is made, you have to store it. Some foods you can only store for a couple of days (or even hours) whereas others can be stored for years and years.

There’s a true science to storing food, no matter whether it’s short or long. Here is where we collect all of our articles on the topic, whether it’s on pickling or packaging!

35% discount sticker

Reducing food waste – 35% discount stickers

When googling ‘challenges for the food industry’ I won’t find ‘better preservation of apple juice’, ‘increasing shelf life of apples’ or ‘improving nutritional value of...

strawberry raspberry creme patissier pie

How to Choose and Store Fresh Strawberries

Summer’s there! Warm temperatures, sun and long long light days. Living in the Netherlands, summer is no guarantee for nice weather, rain and cold(er) days are no exception. Summer for me is a synonym for berries...

The secrets of orange juice packaging

While drinking a glass of freshly made orange juice a little while ago I noticed orange juice is a great vehicle for explaining all sorts of science related phenomenon. This last post in its series is all about orange...

spices for making sauerkraut

Making sauerkraut – start of my experiment

This month I try to focus all of my posts on the science of fruits and vegetables (I call it fruit & vegetable science month!). Then, this morning, I was browsing through the internet and ran into a (Dutch) post on...